Solenium, only the best of summer

1 June 2018

Sun, heat, pool and sea baths… it’s summer!

Naturally, after a long winter, everyone longs for the best when the weather is good, but sometimes we might forget to protect ourselves against the negative effects of excessive exposures to various factors unsafe for our hair and scalp. In fact, during summer, more than in any other season, it is essential to pay particular attention to hair and skin, with increased care and protection. Constant stress can lead to negative effects on the health of hair and skin, with alterations risking to even make them become fragile and vulnerable. Exposures to UVA and UVB rays, sudden temperature changes, salt, chlorine, and the frequent use of chemical products cause dehydration, weakening, loss of vitality and colour, with signs of sudden and early aging. In order to avoid all this, it is important to choose delicate and specially-formulated products. Solenium, SunCare specific treatment of Nubeà line, with its composition of precious Essential Oils, Vegetable Extracts, Trace Elements, and vitamins, deeply nourishes hair and scalp and protects them – thanks to its liposoluble sun filters – by delicately providing essential nutrients for their health, wellbeing, and beauty. The Solenium family, with its fresh and regenerating fragrance, makes your hair colour last longer and your hair softer, brighter and moisturized: it is the perfect treat you deserve to live and enjoy only the very best of summer, in your perfect look!


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