Auxilia, a delicate touch for restored wellbeing

11 December 2018

Discomfort, sense of sickness, tingling, and rashes are signals contributing to the diagnosis of “sensitive scalp”. Such symptoms, often ignored, can lead to real pain. In these cases, the only possible option is a delicate, alcohol-free and fragrance-free product.

The most common symptoms of a “sensitive” scalp are: tension, irritation, rashes, tingling, pain, dryness and, rarely, itching. It is characterized by high perception of pain when touched, or when coming into contact with products or external stimulation. However, it is never associated to actual scalp pathology. Various studies carried in Europe, USA and Japan show that this disorder affects 50-60% of the population, with higher incidence on women. The triggers can have different origins: environmental, physical, linked to psychological or hormonal factors and, more frequently, caused by the use of inappropriate detergents, chemical treatments or drugs. The individuals with a sensitive skin need particularly delicate products able to soothe, cleanse, rebalance and restore the hydrolipidic film, which is our first screen against external aggressions. All these features are actually contained in the vegetable-based product line Nubeà and its Auxilia range, conceived for and dedicated to those with a sensitive skin. The Auxilia range, being characterized by a complete treatment system made up of soothing emulsion, shampoo, treatment vials and daily maintenance lotion, includes a special formula in which the synergy of Essential Oils (Lavandula Angustifolia and Mentha Arvensis) and the soothing and protective properties of Aloe Vera ensure skin relaxation, thus contributing to a real well-being sensation and restoring the healthy functions of the scalp.

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